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May 2009

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May 01, 2009Page 1 Of 1  

The Health Benefits Of Dietary Supplements

Posted On 2009-05-01 , 6:19 AM

dietary supplements

When you do not give yourself the proper nourishment your body needs, you can cause significant harm to your body by weakening its normal functions. Most of us do not get the proper nourishment that we need from our "modern diet."

Nutrients come in the forms of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fats, hydrocarbons and water. These nutrients allow us to maintain life by providing us with the basic substances our body's need to carry on its daily function and dietary supplements can be a solution.

Each nutrient differs in form, function and amount needed by the body; in what ever way, they are all vital to our needs. Nutrients are involved in all body processes. Even though these nutrients function differently, they all have the same goal and that is to keep us going.

By knowing what nourishing substances you need, you can improve the state of your health and prevent disease. Nutrient deficiencies leave the body vulnerable to disease. In other words dietary supplements are not only fuel to the body, but medicine as well.

Your body may not be able to take advantage of all the nourishing substances that you consume. For instance; stress can cause a breakdown of your immune system and make you susceptible to invasion of harmful microorganisms. This can result in countless problems. Stress also increases your need for many nutrients, such as Vitamin C and the B vitamins. The good news is, you can purchase stress formulated dietary supplements.

The process of aging also increases the demand for nutrients. Your body loses some of its ability to absorb the nourishing substances you consume as you age. In growing older you may experience declining levels of many nutrients such as, amino acids, antioxidants and DHEA. Your body's demand for these nutrients increases at the same time your physical reserves drop.

Although, supplements cannot stop aging or stress, it can make bodily functions easier and make you healthier. I believe that dietary supplements play a major role in establishing good health. I also believe that the best source of dietary supplements are herbs.

You would be well served to include herbal dietary supplements in your daily routine.



May 01, 2009Page 1 Of 1