The Health Benefits of Herbs

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The health benefits of herbs; whether used to improve health or heal wounds, work best used as nutritional supplements. Herbs feed every part of the body.

Our continued interest in herbal nutrition supplements is knowing the health benefits of herbs. They improve your health due to their vitamin and mineral content. They provide the essential elements and dietary minerals lacking in our bodies. The body needs reserves of these elements to cope with the everyday demands of life.

Often the origin of disease is due to nutritional deficiencies. The best way to supply the lack of nutrition in a diet is with natural healing herbs. They restore the integrity of the body, correcting problems instead of suppressing them.

The Nutritional Value and health benefits of herbs.

Nutritional healing herbs being forms of food perform many healing functions in the body. The health benefits of herbs are based on their chemical and nutrient content (natural vitamin consumption). The greatest nutritional value of herbs is that they are loaded with antioxidants, those essential nutrients that keep our bodies in check.  But you may not be getting the health benefits of herbs as much as you could if you do not know the chemical and nutrient content.  For example, alfalfa.  It is high in chlorophyll and nutrients.  Vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, K, biotin (vitamin B7), calcium, choline, inositol, iron, magnesium, PABA, phosphorus, potassium, protein, sodium, sulfur and tryptophan (amino acid). 

Additional health benefits of herbs include knowing how well they work in their several different forms. The most common, convenient and preferred is capsule form. But they are also effective in the form of teas and herbal extracts.There are many forms of herbal preparations. Also learn the actions of herbs to improve your understanding of how herbs work.

Medicinal health benefits of herbs and their uses.

Medicinal health benefits of herbs is that they contain a broad range of health enhancing properties. Each medicinal plant has a primary function in the treatment of a particular illness. Each individual plant has many different actions. The actions depend on the active ingredients, or nutrient content. For example, the primary function of alfalfa is used for digestive disorders and the kidneys. But also helpful for colon
disorders, anemia, diabetes, arthritis and ulcers. It alkalizes the body and detoxifies, especially the liver. It promotes pituitary gland function and contains an antifungal agent.

Knowing which part of each plant to use is also important. For instance, medicinal rhubarb - its roots are medicinal while its leaves are poisonous and yet its stalks are used in recipes for making pies.

If you find several medicinal uses of plants for a particular disorder, alternate them to maximize the health benefits of herbs. When taken in combination they tend to be more powerful. This is referred to as herbal compounding, which alters the individual actions of the herbals and minimizes causing any serious harm of unusually strong plants.


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